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About Derek

Derek Babcock is a pro-life, pro-business, pro-education Christian Conservative Leader. A father of four, he is married to Livingston Parish native, Heather Holland Babcock. Derek settled in the Denham Springs-Walker area 17 years ago and developed a love for the area.

Business opportunities drew the Babcocks to Lake Charles for a few years in the early 2000s, but Derek left his very successful position and large income as a telecommunications manager with BellSouth Mobility to return to Livingston Parish. Why? He and Heather decided that in the long run, family, roots and community were most important and that Livingston Parish was where they wanted to raise their children.

It was at that time that Derek began what has become one of the most successful personal health insurance agencies associated with Blue Cross/Blue Shield in the state. But being successful in business was not all that motivated Derek. He has a passion for community, relational Christianity, and local politics. He quickly developed a close network of friends active in each of those areas in Livingston parish and dove in head first.

Concerned about the state of marriage and family in Louisiana, he joined the board of directors for the premiere organization in the State working to promote traditional faith and family issues — Louisiana Family Forum. He now serves as their Vice Chairman. Desiring to support Republican candidates and assist in guiding local elections, Derek was elected to serve on the Livingston Parish Republican Party — where he serves as the Treasurer. And upon realizing that elected politicians were holding up local road projects and favoring their own pet projects, he joined Citizens for Highways and Infrastructure in Livingston Parish (CHILP) — ultimately being asked to become the organization’s Chairman.

Derek Babcock lives in Livingston Parish, the heart of District 13. He is raising his family here. He works here. His children are educated here. And he is working hard to win the state senate seat that represents Livingston Parish, Central City, Greenwell Springs and South Hammond. He’ll fight for your family’s values. Vote for Derek Babcock for Senate!Derek Babcock is a husband, father and conservative businessman who is fighting to bring reform to state government.

On October 22nd, please vote for Derek Babcock for State Senate.


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